Updates / Additions

Updating an Existing Headstone:

can be accomplished right in the cemetery as the picture to the right illustrates. We have portable equipment that allows us to inscribe the needed information without removing your headstone from the cemetery.

You can feel confident that the new information added will reflect or exceed the craftmanship used to produce your memorial. Which means the font used will match the existing font; the spacing will be the same as the rest of the headstone and the blast depth will be uniform to the depth of the lettering already on the memorial.

In an effort to keep this service affordable we update headstones twice a year unless requested otherwise. Once in the spring starting at teh end of April until 2 weeks prior to Memorial Day and then in the fall starting in the middle of September until the end of October weather permitting. In the meantime we gather the dates that need to be done.

A death consists of a month, a day, and a year. The first date will $120.00. Any date after that, done at the same time, up to 4 on the same side of the same stone will be $60.00 ea. Anymore information needed than that on one stone please contact us!