I searched for months trying to find a monument company that could do what I wanted and be reasonable on the pricing. All I wanted was a tulip for my daughter Tulip. Simple right? Not so much.

The first place in Salt Lake that gave me a quote said they could shape it into a tulip for me but it would be tiny, take 4 months to come from China and was very pricey just for the stone. So I continued my search. I looked in Ogden and was told by one company that they only had these designs and if I really wanted a tulip I would have to have someone draw it up in a computer program or they could do it for a fee. Then they told me the price for the stone; so much per letter, price for install and gas and so on. I didnít like the nickel and dime approach so I continued looking. I checked one more place on Ogden. I told them I wanted it in the shape of a tulip or a tulip on it. They showed me pictures of teddy bear shaped stones, lilies, roses, everything but tulips. And the salesman was very pushy and tried to talk me into stuff I didnít want.

So I found myself at Bottís Monument in Brigham City. I sat down with DJ, and told him what I wanted. He said he could draw up a design for the tulip. I asked how much per letter, install, and extra drawings, for all of it? He explained they donít nickel and dime and it was all included. I was amazed. When he sent me the first drawing I was ecstatic that he drew a great tulip. I added more and they were great to work with me to get it just right. DJ told me that he would amaze me, and he did. I really thought from the designs that he was just going to etch it in, but the caving it out is gorgeous.

Her (Tulipís) headstone brought me to tears. They listened to what I wanted and got it right. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. I am thankful that I found them, because they were the perfect ones to do Tulipís headstone.

Montanaela Loftiss
Brigham City, Utah

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