Testimonial 2

The Brigham City Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers requested Bott and Sons to help place a granite monument in Mantua, Utah to identify the location of the Mail Trail as it came over a pass in the mountain range into Mantua. The pass was over a mile away and the trail was not visible from where the monument was placed. Bott and Sons was able to shape the top of the monument to look like the mountain range (a mile away) in order to identify the actual pass and trail on the monument. As a result, the pass and trail can be easily located on the mountain by standing behind the monument and lining up the top of the monument to the mountain range. It is known that Samuel Alonzo Whitney Sr. (when a young man) carried the first mail from Logan to Brigham City using this route. The story of his journey was printed on the monument.

The monument has been hailed as an excellent way to identify the location of the trail by the people of Mantua and the many visitors who have come to see the monument. The Sons of Utah Pioneers are pleased with the work done by Bott and Sons Monument and the excellent way the trail was identified on the monument for all visitors to see.

Bott and Sons have also helped with the corner stone noting the restoration of the Old Relief Society Granary in Brigham city by the Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP). They have also helped with other SUP projects and are currently working on a special project in the Brigham City cemetery with the SUP. Their expertise has been valuable and is appreciated so much by the SUP that the Bott brothers were awarded a “Lifetime Membership” to the Sons of Utah Pioneers by the Brigham City Chapter.

Duane Phippen
Son of Utah Pioneers
Brigham City Chapter
Trails and Monuments

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