Repair / Restorations

We Can...

REPLACE your headstone if it becomes damaged beyond repair. Most of the time somebody will be liable and we will help you sort it out. If by chance you need to replace a memorial out of your pocket we will work to keep it affordable and save you money.

RESTORE OR PRESERVE your families memorials. Materials can decay and weather away over the years. Especially the headstones of our pioneer ancestors. We work with families, organizations and individuals to preserve, restore and repair these headstones as projects for family reunions, Eagle projects for scouts or service projects for civic and community clubs.

REPLACE your broken or cracked cement foundations. Over time the foundation of your memorial can fail. It may be from age, the elements, or routine cemetery activity with their trucks, mowers and tractors. We can replace the old concrete with new 6 bag, fiber mix foundation or you can spend fractions more and replace the old cement with a granite foundation that will last as long as the headstone itself.

REPAIR any information or spelling mistakes that may have occured in the making of your headstone. Our goal is to employ the techniques and strategies that will leave the repair unnoticeable. Unfortunately to become as good as we are at repairing mistakes means that we have made them ourselves, but our mistakes have become your good fortune.

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