10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: What guarantees do and don’t come with your headstone?

The reputable quarries guarantee the finish, integrity and durability of the memorial and that the granite is unfractured and will remain that way for the life of the stone. Bott and Sons will only deal with those types of quarries. Most of the international quarries do not offer any warrantees’ and even though their stone is beautiful we will not use it without that guarantee.

There are no warrantees on the following:

1. Cement foundations
2. Paint
3. Remaining level

There is an expected guarantee on the following:

1. Workmanship
2. Correct installation
3. Honesty

There are also products, used to enhance the memorial, which can carry manufacturer warrantees like flower vases, pictures and other accessories.

At Bott and Sons we strive to only use products and vendors that offer warrantees. This affords you peace of mind for generations to come.