10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: How long will it take to produce your headstone?

A conservative estimate is typically 30 60 days and could reasonably be 90-120 days from the purchase to the installation of your memorial. There are variables that will impact that time table. Some are standard some have become relevant lately:

1. Is the granite in stock
2. Is the granite in country
3. Workload or orders in front of you
4. Time of year
5. Quarry shutdowns
6. Worker strikes
7. Fire
8. Shipping strikes
9. Shipping in general
10. Ordering mistakes
11. Delayed design approval
12. Incomplete ordering information

All of these can contribute to the speed of your headstones completion. Most headstones will fall within the 30-60 days. Often it will take 90-120 days especially if it is coming from overseas or the weather does not allow for installation and there will be other occasions that require longer time tables.

At Bott and Sons, we understand how integral the memorial is to the healing process and work hard to produce your headstone quickly without compromising quality.