10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: Can you prepay for future inscriptions/work when you purchase your headstone?

Technically the answer is yes IF:

1. The money you pay is put in an interest bearing trust account and you receive the documentation required.
2. The trust is administered by a licensed financial professional.

Honestly the answer is no, those types of transactions require attorneys, account managers and detailed regulation. The simple cost of updating a memorial doesnít justify the expense of that kind of regulation. Instead of spending $110.00 at the time the service is required, it would turn into hundreds of dollars in its prepaid form in order to accommodate the fees for attorneys, account managers and the bank.

It is actually illegal and dishonest to charge for future inscriptions on a stone that will be in the cemetery when the work is needed, even if itís in writing. Besides who knows whether that company will be in business, under the same ownership, or honest enough to honor the previous contract. At Bott and Sons our practice has been, and is, to be honest and legal in all our contractual and sales obligations.