10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: What techniques will last the longest on your headstone?

Time tested and traditional techniques will ensure that your stone will remain beautiful and readable for generations.

For lighter colored stones this involves removing the polish where the lettering and design will be on the stone. Then blasting the design and lettering deep enough to be visible without paint and not affect the integrity of the smaller detail in the design. Shallow blasting depth on a light colored stone indicates laziness and a lack of quality craftsmanship, unless the design requires it.

On darker colored stones blasting both deep and shallow are effective techniques. Where deep blasting will occur you need to remove the polish. In a shallow blasted application you do not remove the polish and typically white paint is used.

There are a lot of companies that utilize shading to increase the detail on the stone. We highly discourage the use of shading. When the techniques of airbrushing and shading are used to accomplish detail, instead of blasting and ingenuity, you are relying on a manmade non-permanent solution to apply detail. Years after the production and installation of your stone, its design will change as the paint wears away revealing its permanent appearance, one that will be quite different than what was originally intended. No, the design and appearance of your stone should not be subject to change over the years, other than the loss of paint. The craftsmanship should last for generations, not just years!

At Bott and Sons we always use the time honored, traditional memorial techniques that have been handed down for 5 generations coupled with today’s technology. This ensures that your headstone will be as beautiful, 25 years from now, as it was the day it had been installed. Every stone is handcrafted and personalized for you.