10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: What can you put on your headstone?

You may put just about anything on your headstone. For instance:

1. Wildlife
2. Pets
3. Farm animals
4. Flowers
5. Hobbies
6. Buildings
7. Outdoor scenes
8. Farm scenes
9. Vehicles
10. Heavy equipment
11. Sports
12. Religious emblems
13. Organizational emblems
14. Personal artwork ect.

You may want to be careful with pictures that have a lot of detail like a sage brush, lilacs and so on because when you engrave it in stone you lose a lot of the detail and it wonít look right. When you would like a picture of a person itís important to remember that the bigger the better to accommodate the small detail of the eyes and teeth. Otherwise we suggest using a different product like porcelain, aluminum, or bronze or a technique like laser etching to ensure quality.

At Bott and Sons we will, lend our expertise and help you design a memorial that is as custom, tasteful, and personal as you would like.