10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: What material is best for your headstone?

There are many materials available for memorialization. You have:

1. Granite
2. Marble
3. Bronze
4. Sandstone
5. and natural indigenous rocks

Granite is the most durable of the 5 choices. When talking about the durability of granite you need to use term millennia as opposed to decades or generations. Granite is found in a myriad of different colors and will last forever.

Marble is also used and is very beautiful, although quite a bit softer than granite. With marble you are talking about decades when referring to its durability as a headstone. You only need to walk through the older parts of the cemetery to realize that the marble headstones for our pioneer ancestors are decaying and will soon be lost to erosion and time.

Bronze serves well as a memorial medium. There are a few things to consider with bronze though. It is highly recyclable and tends to be the target of those seeking money to support habits. The trick is in the installation and accessibility. When using bronze to add to, or as your headstone make sure it is anchored solid.

Sandstone is highly discouraged as a headstone. It is extremely soft and will not endure. It is a beautiful product for address signs, businessí, landscaping and recognitions.

Boulders and river rock need to have a letterable surface which can be challenging to make or find. Quartzite has been found to be rather nice to work with and a beautiful alternative to granite memorials.

Not all stone is suitable for headstones or memorialization.(i.e.- lettering, shaping and polishing) There are many whose graining, texture and natural formation is not conducive to handle the techniques employed for headstones. And thatís not all, depending on the origin of the stone, there may have been employed quarrying techniques that will affect the longevity of your stone. Like the untrained and inexperienced use of explosives that can fracture the stone to the extent of not being noticed for many years after the installation of the headstone. Or perhaps the stone comes from a country or quarry devoid of safety measures to insure there are no harmful materials contained or used in the making of the memorial, and when the defects are discovered the question becomes will the business, quarry, or country guarantee and or replace the product.

After 130 years Bott and Sons have the expertise, experience and honesty to know and use only quality stone that will last. From quarries that will warrantee their product, and donít employ techniques that are harmful or may prove to be harmful.