10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: What causes a headstone to become dirty?

Headstones will get dirty and may appear to “run” or discolor. Don’t become alarmed it is natural and cleanable.

In the heat of the summer the stones will become extremely hot and as the cemeteries water the grass the water will almost immediately evaporate from off the headstone leaving behind the calcium and minerals which will appear white.The darker the color of the stone the more visible the minerals will be. The lighter the color of the stone the less you will notice the minerals or the cleaner the headstone will appear. Please visit the Bott and Sons cleaning center for products and instructions to cleaning your headstone.

Now a word of caution about products you may want to use to clean or keep your memorial clean. Never use products that contain oils, waxes, dyes or sealers. These products may work well and be recommended for countertops but for headstone applications and the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced outdoors they will cause these products to discolor, yellow and flake. These oily, waxy products will also permanently counteract the techniques used to make the headstone readable, and will permanently discolor the stone. These types of products may affect your memorials ability to be updated in the future.