10 Questions before buying a Headstone

Q: How long should you wait to purchase a headstone after the death of your loved one?

There is not a traditional, normal time to wait or rush to buy a headstone. You should purchase a headstone when you are ready. With that said there are some things to consider that may influence when you purchase your stone. For instance:

1. Your family may be scattered long distances from home and can only be here for the funeral. That may dictate buying the headstone within the days proceeding the funeral, or following, to allow your family the opportunity to help you with the decisions and look of your headstone.
2. You may need to wait for insurance and other financial or legal matters to be resolved.
3. You may desire a particular installation date that will require a hasty purchase.
4. Or perhaps it hurts too much and your just not ready yet.

We encourage you to disregard and turn away any and all slick, high pressured salesmen and tactics along with their self serving dead-lines, drastic sale prices and claims of exclusivity. In fact please feel free to tell everyone who calls that you have already purchased a stone from Bott and Sons in Brigham City. Now, whether you use us or not doesnít matter but it will stop the pressuring phone calls and aggressive visits until you are ready to make a decision.

You should be comfortable, thoughtful and informed when you purchase something so permanent and personal. Shop around and talk to others who have gone through the same experience. You should never feel pressured or rushed. Donít just settle, thatís when you experience regret.

At Bott and Sons we have never employed high pressure tactics, commissioned salesmen or drastic sales. We just want to help.